The Zuvu~aru Castle by the second time all job assault !

Of course, the Toko dubious letter of such handed person unknown has arrived to adventurers,
and has reached even the ears of world leaders,
which country was also opposed to excluding the Bastok initially.

Especially front-line base of the oak came attacking from the north: Gerusuba have near the
did not even going to the San d’Oria is silent.
Such as the gate of Rangumonto Pass to consider the blockade, we had been strong opposition,
and it is confirmed that the leave is official Go sign in Bastok, was unceremoniously withdrew the opposite somehow.
not a little, San d’Oria might be because was carrying a threat to the Bastok to investigate the north.

As Bastok, any person is investigator that was dispatched in secret has become a missing,
so as not to know the other countries, there was a reason why must this investigation.
In the forest If you hide the foliage.
By using the current chain of events is not funneled to the adventurer would was thought to be trying to send a survey team.

It should be noted, Windurst is also things that are farthest from the location of the problem, although initially was looking at the situation,
we focus on darkness of the part of “is going to be shrouded in darkness” of the posting of Mikosama
it is the present situation darkness the land that has been cursed, which is rumored to have is the king there was a need to investigate.

Like, I do not know anything, letter of this wording as if to provoke shallow adventurer.
In this series of events, a lot of reckless youth gathering in Barudonia region,
that adversely affected in the near Quest’s as clear as day.
In fact, it had also raised also the voice of refuge in the corresponding countries from between from many veteran adventurer.

However, this one review for each country, to investigate the cursed land
of a valid cloak of invisibility and without each This will no doubt.
In addition, the Barudonia is a remote area where it was in their own territory,
but perhaps there was also because not lead to a strategically less profit,
eventually, to become a form of any country to tolerate this one reviews the ostensibly It was. (September 1, 907)

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